finger-tapping-watchI have started a few blogs before in the past: GadgetMed’s, Garage Mod, and Mobile Revival to name a few. I must admit I have a problem focusing on one thing at a time. I like to split my time between ten things at once which means typically nothing ever gets done. This was my way of defeating boredom. It is a good time killer, but not something I suggest others to try. Now I focus myself on this one blog and by this I hope to provide content that is useful and relatable.

So how did I get myself here? I feel like I received an award when I say that. You know when you are handed a polished statue of sorts and asked to give a speech or at least thank some people for which whom we would not be where we are today. I have few of those people that match that category. First and foremost it is my loving and supportive girlfriend, Ms. EWW. Without her life just wouldn’t be the same. Then there is Mr. Money Mustache of the infamous MMM blog ( My initial Google search for “like lendingclub” brought me to his article and I have been a Mustachian ever since! I must admit I find Mustaches very Tasty. From there, I backtracked to Jacob’s blog ( Between these two, I have been kept mighty busy reading up on the do’s and don’ts of investing. But do not be fooled! This be no clone. My story is different from your story which is different from all others out there as we are all unique individuals.

Although my advice might be sound, take it for what it is modify it to your own life. Sound off below and let me know who your inspiration in life might be.

PS, live long and Prosper. As in I will be starting to use Prosper alongside of LendingClub to see which P2P Lending platform outshines them all in 2014!